Southwind Aviation is an FAA & EASA Part 145 (#UO9R076Y) certified repair station. Our expansive services include electrical components, wheel & brake overhaul, sheet metal, hydraulics & pneumatics, and NDT.

Southwind Aviation Electrical Services - Blowers - Starter Generators - Electronic Components

Southwind provides strong technical competencies and experience in the field of electrical components along with our proven commitment to customer satisfaction and an established industry reputation. You can rely on Southwind Aviation as your dedicated electronic repair facility.

Southwind Aviation Wheel and Brake Overhaul

Southwind Aviation's facilities have the ability to provide quick turn service on a high volume of wheels.  We understand operators' requirements and work with each customer to offer the most cost-effective solutions while meeting operation schedules.

Southwind Aviation Sheet Metal - Flight Controls and Inlets

Southwind Aviation offers expert repair and overhaul solutions for the corporate aircraft industry.  Whether minor or complex repair, our experienced technicians offer unprecedented craftsmanship for engine inlets, structures, control surfaces, and nacelles.

Southwind Aviation Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Landing Gear and Electromechanical Components

Our overhaul facility provides hydraulics services and solutions for a variety of flight control components from actuators to gearboxes and numerous other components.

Southwind Aviation NDT - Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection

Southwind Aviation utilizes Non-Destructive Testing mechanisms, including liquid penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection.