Our overhaul facility provides hydraulics services and solutions for a variety of flight control components, including flap actuators, flap motors & gearboxes, flight control actuators, hydraulic power packs, landing gear actuators, landing gear strut assemblies, landing gear motors & gearboxes, main & nose gear drag braces, shimmy dampers, and numerous other components for the corporate/business aviation regional industry.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Services Include:

NLG Steering Actuators


Shimmy Dampers

Electromechanical Components

Southwind Aviation offers high-quality landing gear solutions to corporate and regional aircraft customers with a variety of airplane types, providing our customers with reliability and competitive pricing. We provide all service aspects of Landing Gear MRO from our facility in Bethany, OK.  Southwind provides significant cost savings and can facilitate an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to develop and approve new repair procedures to save on replacement part costs.  We have a broad product portfolio and extensive in-house process capabilities which enable us to provide cost-effective lean processes and impressively quick turnaround times.

We deliver a full range of mission-critical landing gear services, including minor repairs, actuation systems, accessories, complete overhauls, component machining, and painting.

Standard Overhaul includes:

  • All Labor
  • Consumables
  • Standard Hardware
  • Required Bearings & Bushings
  • Oils, Greases, Primers, Paints & Finishes
  • Required NDT
  • Cad Plating & Any Other Refinishing
  • Repairs to Parts Within Allowable Wear
  • Limits (in-house only)

We continually research products that are consistent with our experience, knowledge and background.

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